22.3.2022 Annual meeting Club of Rome (Finnish chapter) and Tapio Katkos presentation

5 pm – 6:30 pm Tapio Katko presentation and Commentary by Japheth Kibet Koros + open discussion.

6:30 – 7 pm Club of Rome Finnish chapter Annual meeting

Registration to Tapio Katkos presentation here

His presentation ”Paradigm changes in global water services” will explore the major policy changes after WW II in Finland and internationally. It will criticise the unrealistic policies of free water and privatisation that failed in developing economies as well as some other fashionable approaches instead of long-term thinking. Efficient use of water and the implementation of efficient water pollution control in communities are major success stories in Finland. The soccer analogy will be used for explaining institutional development. The most acute conntraints of water services include aging infrastructure in the north and lack of success to services in the south.  

From 2012 until 2020 Katko served as the holder of UNESCO Chair in Water Services. In 1998–2017 he acted as the leader of the CADWES research team at Tampere University of Technology. His professional career of 45 years covers working abroad for some 5 years including Southern African region and the USA. He has authored or co-authored 40 scientific monographs and numerous other publications on water services evolution, management, institutions, policy and governance. He has received six international and six national prizes or honors.  

Commentary by Japheth Kibet Koros who is a doctoral researcher in the Faculty of Built Environment, and a member of the CADWES research team at Tampere University in Finland. His doctoral research has focus on local-level participation in water and sanitation development for enhanced water and sanitation access in Kenya. He has over 8 years’ experience in monitoring and evaluation of water access projects in Africa.

By Tapio S. Katko is Associate Professor (Docent) at Tampere University, Faculty of Built Environment.